Interrupting the Peace

Children are the future of any church, and their education is generally done on the church grounds. Many of them have grown up learning the basics of their faith in basement class rooms, and there have been occasional forays into the main part of the church. Older buildings might be made of stone, but they often have wooden stairs. When children are let out of their religious classes and taken into the church, the noise begins as they head up the stairs.

It is difficult for many children to sit in class and study, and distractions are few in religious schooling. Many of the concepts are quite difficult, and the young students can become restless as their interest wanders. When they are let out of class for any reason, decorum takes a back seat. Running, shouting and laughter are the signals of their release, and containing them is no longer possible. It is now a time for them to socialize, and few of them are quiet about it.

When a church service is being held, even small children understand they must be quiet. Their energy seems to recharge as they sit as still as possible, so they are generally very active once it is over. For parents this might be a bit embarrassing, but it is often tolerated by church officials. They understand the needs of their youngest parishioners, and they try to be as tolerant as possible.

Not all children are noisy when they are let out of a service or class, but all their class mates will make up for it. The vibrancy of their movement, speech and excitement are part of the life of the church, and they are welcome with open arms. While they may generate plenty of noise, they are also the future adults who will help continue the faith into the next generation.