Planning a Church Wedding

Every couple wants their wedding day to be very special. They exchange their vision of the perfect wedding and set about making plans. These plans include a place to hold the ceremony as well as where the reception will be. They choose their maid of honour and best man. The guest list is a combination of friends and family. These people are invited to share their special day, and the couple wants to make sure everyone can attend. Food at the reception is an important decision for most couples. Entertainment by a band or DJ is also part of the planning process as well as choosing the right wedding photographer for the style of photos required.

Many couples have been raised in a religious background, and they often choose to get married in a church. One of the choices they must make is which church to use for the ceremony. Whether or not they were raised within the same religion, the choice of church is often critical. Some may have moved during their childhood and have a special church they remember attending when young. Others may not care for the church their partner attends and want the ceremony in the church they attend. This is a big decision for each couple.

Modern churches often have requirements before a couple can get married. These range in complexity and depend on religious affiliation. As long as both have been raised in the same religion, the requirements are often easy to meet. Most churches will not agree to perform a marriage unless every requirement is first met. This prevents the couple from choosing a date and then finding out they cannot use the church as they planned.

After all the church requirements have been met, the couple is given a wedding date to use the church. The expenses for church use are often low, and decorating the church is generally allowed. On their chosen day, the groom will wait at the altar as his bride walks down the aisle to meet him and begin their life together.